Inside Abbey Road (Google)

Immersive web experience that lets anyone step into the legendary studio Abbey Road.


Inside Abbey Road is a web platform that let users step into the legendary studio in London for the first time. The immersive experience allows users to experience a large base of multimedia content: photos and videos of iconic moments mapped to the location they were taken in the space, 360 content of performances that happened in the studio. Users could also explore and play series of interactive consoles and instruments only yet accessible in the studio.

To create the experience the studio was mapped using LIDAR scanner that was then superimposed with detailed photography to create an accurate 3D navigable map of the space. On top of the volumetric photo of the space, content pins dotted around reveal the large catalog of content that could be found by the users.

Navigation Interface

The interface had two main mode. In free roam mode could navigate the different rooms of the studio through an interface similar to Google Indoor Streetview. and in each room they would find content pins dotted around that would reveal content.

When in Tour Mode users would be guided through the voice of a Abbey Road producer or musician taking them on a pre-defined path of rooms and content items.

Interactive Instruments

In certain rooms users had the chance to play with Abbey Road equipment. A series of 4 instruments were designed for users to be able to experiment and learn how those were used in legendary recordings. The interface of the instruments was inspired by their original versions and re-created to be used in the context of the web (for both desktop and mobile).

My Role

I was the Lead Creative Technologist on the project from Google. I worked with the creative teams to define the user experience, user flows and wireframing. I worked closely with the production partner Stink Digital on defining the interactions for the platform. I also managed user testing sessions and crafted the interface. Working with Abbey Road engineers I designed the interface for the interactive instruments.

Further Reference

Project Website