Happy Party (Google)

A playful mass participation experiment to mobilize people around the International Day of Happiness by asking people to express themselves dancing around the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams.

Happy Party is project created in collaboration with musician Pharrell Williams, the collaborative platform is a social experiment that invites people around und the world to express themselves through dance to celebrate the International Day of Happiness.

Creating the collaborative platform

By accessing the site people could create an animated GIF of their own dancing to the song in 4 frames, the images where then geotag their location. The entries were visualized in a world map demonstrating the movement around happiness spreading around the world crossing geographical, political and social boundaries.

Quick Image Creation

The aim of Happy Party was to make the GIF creation experience quick and intuitive that users could effortlessly create their images and collaborate to the platform. After rounds of iterations we defined a user flow of 3 steps that users could easily follow to create their GIF and submit with their location tagged.

Wireframes for the image creation flow

Map Navigation

The Happy Party map allowed users to navigate clusters of GIFs seeing individual parties in each location of the world. As more people contributed to the project new clusters appeared on the map giving room for a playful and exploratory experience.

My Role

I was the lead Creative Technologist of Happy Party having originating the idea from an early prototype for a GIF booth. In collaboration with my team we further developed the idea into the worldwide party in collaboration with Pharell. I worked on the information architecture, interaction design creating the wireframes, user flows and worked as a technical lead to the development and deployment of the platform in Python on Google App Engine.

Further Reference

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