My name is Joao Wilbert. I am a creative and technologist born and raised in Brazil, currently living and working in London, United Kingdom.

Over the past 10 years I have worked in the intersection of creativity and technology as a creative coder and interaction designer for a variety of companies, clients and projects across different mediums online and offline. My interest is in research and development of platforms, technologies and interfaces for creative expression and interactivity.

In some projects I have explored the Internet as a medium for platforms that enable collaboration between users to create unique forms of expression (Exquisite Clock, Colors Online, Dev Art, Happy Party, Kaiser Chiefs – Make your Own Album, Jam With Chorome). In other projects I have explored digital / physical interaction, experimenting with interfaces and installations to create unique experiences  (Assembly of Youth, Pachube, Jacquard, Exquisite Clock).

My interest also extends to the area of critical engineering, having researched and developed artistic projects discuss the technology in the context of critical theory. I have a hands on style having either designer, programmed the prototypes or final versions of the projects I worked on.

I hold a BA in Design and Communications coursed in Brazil, an MA in Interactive Media at Goldsmiths University in London. I’ve also been awarded a scolarship at FABRICA (Benetton’s center for Research in Communication in Italy) and worked with companies of different scales small (Osso Studio, Mosquito Studio), medium (Pachube, Haque:Design+Research, Poke).


My skill set breaks down in three complementary parts:

Creativity/Creative thinking, ideation, communications, design

Interaction Design / User experience, information architecture, usability, interface design

Technology / Software engineering, backend & front end development, installation design, microelectronics, physical computing

I tend a apply a combination of my creative and technical skills to the projects I work – usually involved in all stages of a project from conception leading creative ideation, interaction design and technical development.