I am a Creative Technologist born and raised in Brazil, currently living and working in London, United Kingdom.

Over the past 15 years I have worked at the intersection of creativity and technology as a creative coder and interaction designer for different companies & institutions – Google, Poke, Wieden+Kennedy, Pachube, FABRICA.

My interest is in research and development of platforms, interfaces and products for interactivity and creative expression.

I employ a ‘thinking by making’ philosophy to my work combining my creative and technical skills to explore concepts through coding and prototyping. I enjoy being involved in all stages of a project from creative ideation, research, interaction design and technical development.

In some projects I have explored digital / physical interaction, working with products and installations to create unique experiences with data and code – Project Jacquard, Project Bloks, Assembly of Youth, Pachube.

In other projects I have explored the Internet as a medium for platforms that enable collaboration to create unique forms of expression – Exquisite Clock, Colors Online, Dev Art, Happy Party, Kaiser Chiefs – Make your Own Album, Jam With Chrome.

I hold a BA in Communications coursed in Brazil, an Master degree in Interactive Media at Goldsmiths University in London. I’ve also been awarded a scolarship at FABRICA (Benetton’s center for Research in Communication in Italy) and worked with companies of different scales small (Osso Studio, Mosquito Studio), medium (Pachube, Haque:Design+Research, Poke).

I have been working at Google Creative Labs since 2012 where today I run a small team of creative technologists.