Yesterday’s Future

Interactive sculpture commissioned by the Gallery at the Embassy of Brazil as part of London Festival of Architecture 2010.

Yesterday’s Future is an installation about tomorrow, with eyes from yesterday. As information, technology and architecture dynamically and rapidly progresses through time, traces of unfinished, raw progress and evolution are left behind. A monolithic tree of screens epitomizes information lost in time, echoes of the forthcoming that never made it into the future.

The piece is a tree-like monolithic structure with 8 arm stands holding interactive LCD monitors. The monitors are hand made and fitted with sensors and motors able to detect and react to human presence. Users inside the space are confronted by the massive structure interacting with the screens that demonstrate awareness to its surroundings with the choreography of their antennas. Swarming Futures was shortlisted as one of the top 3 exhibitions in the International Architecture Showcase.

My Role

his project was developed in collaboration with the architectural studio Naja & DeOstos commissioned for the exhibition Swarming Futures of Architecture at the Embassy of Brazil, as part of the International Architecture Showcase of London Festival of Architecture 2010. I designed and developed an array of 8 responsive displays that reacted to user presence.