Sleep Avatar (Goldsmiths University)

Digital/physical experiment that sets a model of domestic surveillance and control of a sleeping person by a WWW based community.

Sleep Avatar is an academic project that explores the use of technology for control and surveillance. The project raises implications around the pervasive nature of technology as its increasingly integrated in our lives.

System Architecture

The project is a system with a remote temperature and lighting control device was connected to a website from which users were able to control the temperature and light in the room where a person sleeps.

Sleep Avatar critically engages with pervasion of technology, communication and information systems through ubiquitous media in selfhood. Emphasizing vulnerability and submission, it its purposes is to discuss the issues that emerge from the encounter of unexpectedness and entropy, affect and evil desire, constitutive parts of human collaboration.

Control Interface

The experiment happened for 15 days in which a a community of users met on the web. Through an interface they were able to hold chat sessions and simultaneously control the devices inside the room.


Sleep Avatar was featured in MCD: Hors Serie 06 ‘Internet of Things’.

My Role

Sleep Avatar was my thesis project at Goldsmiths University of London in 2008. It was designed and programmed using PHP, Processing, Arduino and custom made electronics.