Web service that enables users to store, share and discover realtime sensor, energy and environment data from objects, devices & buildings around the world.

24 feed of devices connected to Pachube. Visualization created by Usman Haque.

Pachube is a as a generalized realtime data brokerage platform created by Usman Haque. The service facilitates interaction between remote environments, both physical and virtual. Letting users connect sensors using maker / hacker platforms as Arduino and Processing to share real time sensor data. The platform was designed with a front end interface that allowed users to discover feeds, read statistics on newily created data feeds. The backend API allowed users to connect and update sensor data using connected devices.

Pachube was a pioneer IoT platform for connected devices that was heavily by community of coders, makers and hackers. Pachube was acquired by LogMeIn and has been renamed Xively. More information

Pachube Interface

Part of Pachube’s challenge was to have a simple discovery interface for users to be able to access feeds. We created a user friendly web portal that Pachube users could easily create and manage their sensor feeds.

Pachube Installation

Pachube was selected as part of the Designs of the Year award by the Design Museum in London. As part of the exhibition we designed an real time interactive physical interface for the platform using real sensors and projection mapping showcasing different sensor inputs (light and air sensors installed on the interactive interface) and actuators.

When interacting with the board visitors in the space could see the platform as it received input data from sensors installed on the board (and from other users connected to the platform) and used the output data to trigger actuators installed in the board.

Pachube Interactive Installation • Designs of the Year – Design Museum London

Pachube Dashboard

Whilst at Pachube I also created a dashboard web application that enabled users to embed digital controllers to physical objects in the space. By connecting objects in the home via Arduino to Pachube users could use an embeddable JS widget to control those objects in real time.

My Role

I worked as a Creative Technologist at Haque:Design+Research as part of the Pachube team. During my time I worked on the GUI of the Pachube web interface, created a platform for building experiments and created the Designs of the Year exhibit.