Kaiser Chiefs – Make Your Own Album (Wieden+Kennedy)

Online music platform created for the launch the album ‘The Future is Medieval’ by the British rock band Kaiser Chiefs.


The project is a unique online platform that introduces an unconventional model of releasing an album. The site allows fans to create their perfect version of the album, design their own artwork and then sell their creations for a £1 commission.

The platform was made of different components: an album creation experience, that let users select their tracks and design the album covers. In addition a dedicated page for created albums that fans could share to sell their versions.

Album Creation Experience

In the website, the user can compile a custom playlist based on his criteria, using a visual tool of plugging in wires into a music-making machine. Fans can then design their artwork with pre-allocated assets based on their track selection and transfer these assets from photos to oil paintings. Fans can download their albums packaged with their bespoke cover, drop it into their iTunes and see their track listing and artwork.

Cover Designer

In the album creation experience users could create their own album cover by using a series of created graphical elements. This gave fans freedom to truly personalize their album based on their choice of songs.

Fan Page

The site also auto-generates a webpage with a user friendly address and creates designed banners and posters using the fan’s artwork allowing them to promote their album on their blogs and in social media to earn commission from peer to peer sales. The platform generated a dedicated page with the fans album. Other fans could access the page to listen and buy that fan’s album.

Platform Overview

The platform a complex system that included a real time page creation engine that generated user dedicated pages as fans created new albums on the platform. The fan page also auto-generated promotion material (banners and printable posters) based on the user generated artwork. The platform also included a gallery that allowed users to explore albums and a store (integrated with Paypal) that provided the kickback payment to fans accounts for their £1 commission upon the purchase of the album.

User Testing

The album creation experience was tested by a number of users in 4 separate usability tests (10 users each) including the band. In the sessions we improved the usability of the UI elements and understanding of the kickback model.

My Role

I was the lead Creative Technologist on the project having worked with the creative team to develop the platform interface and overall system design. The platform was built by the web agency SpecialMoves in London.