Jam with Chrome (Google)

Web based music creation platform that lets people worldwide play music together, in real time.

Jam with Chrome is browser based collaborative music making platform, it fully emulates advanced music software in browser environment. The experience allows users to choose between 19 different instruments (different samplers, bass, guitars and drums) and invite up to three other users to create a jam session. During the sessions users can play together and change settings of the jam such as global tempo and key. All instruments can be played in easy or pro mode allowing both musicians and non musicians to play with the platform.

Platform Technology

Jam was created in HTML5 making use of webAudio API for programmatic audio control note by note, syncronization and pattern creation. The platform was built using GoSockets deployed on Google Compute to allwow for real time interaction of users.

Platform Experience

The platform was designed for interaction by musician and non-musicians audience in which any interaction would result in a satisfying experience – for short engagement users looking for quick way to play to more invested users that would deeply engage with all platform functionality. We created different user flows for each kind of user profile.

Instruments Design

Based on the user flow we carefully crafted a series of graphic. instruments (designed in collaboration with illustrator Rob Bailey. The instruments combined a level of resemblance to the original references with adaptations to better suit the medium of the web and be accessible to musicians and non-musicians alike.

Final Platform Design

The final result was a low bar, high ceiling musical interface that with a diversity of instruments that users could easily choose and play. At the top it added a series of advanced options (effects, metronome, key changes) that users could experiment with as they played with the instruments.

My Role

I was the lead Creative Technologist. I worked on the interface design and interaction design aspect of the project. I defined the core user flows and worked with the design team to create a accessible musical interface accessible to entry level and experienced musicians. During the development I ran a series of user testing / design sprints to iterate the interface design and optimize it’s usability.