Devart (Google)

A global initiative for the new generation creative coders exploring programming as a creative discipline.


Devart explores the idea of art made with code, by developers using technology as their canvas and code as their raw material. The project is made up of three key components: a physical gallery at the Barbican (then touring around the world), a global online initiative for developers to showcase their creativity for a chance to be awarded a commission, and the DevArt Young Creators program – an education component designed to inspire the next generation of developers.

Global Initiative

Devart was a worldwide global initiative that invited creative coders from all over the world to participate by creating an open source project using Google’s tools and technologies. The submissions would then be finalist project would be part of the Devart at exhibition at the Barbican Center in London – alonsgide two commissioned pieces by developed by Zach Lieberman, Karsten Schmidt, artist duo Varvara & Mar.

To participate developers had download the Devart repository on Github and develop their projects as open source documenting each step of the creative and development process.

Devart Project Platform

It The first stage of the project was to create platform for developers to participate in the award – where developers were given a set of tools to work and they had to document their project as it evolved in its multiple stages into the physical execution. The platform was directly integrated with Github, so as developers pushed their code and documentation to GitHub it would be displayed on the website.

Exhibition at Barbican

The awarded from the Devart platform was then exhibited at the Barbican alongside the works commissioned.

Code Factory by Karsten Schmidit
Project allowed users to use a simple custom programming language to create abstract forms 3D printed in real time.

Play the World by Zach Lieberman
Play the World allowed users in the space to play a piano which notes were mapped to radio frequencies from different countries world wide in real time.

Les métamorphoses de Mr. Kalia by Cyril Diagne and Béatrice Lartigue
Les métamorphoses de Mr. Kalia is an interactive poetic adventure and a study of the concept of metamorphosis, the natural capacity of animals to abruptly change their body structure. To explore this topic, we invite the audience to personify Mr. Kalia as he goes through many surrealistic metamorphoses.

My Role

I worked on Devart as a lead Creative Technologist, working with the creative team at Google from the concepting stage, through to production and deployment. During the project I helped commission Zach, Karsten and Varvara & Mar well as worked close with the artist in supporting the development of their work and integration with Google technologies. I also directed the design and build of the website having done all UX and wireframe work for the platform.

Further Reference

Devart Website