Web service available at (now owned by Xively) that enables users to store, share & discover realtime sensor, energy and environment data from objects, devices & buildings around the world.

Pahchube is a as a generalized realtime data brokerage platform, that facilitates interaction between remote environments, both physical and virtual.It was a pioneered by studio Haque: Design+Research led by Usman Haque. The studio developed the platform as a fully featured API for Internet of Things that allowed makers around the world to plug in and share data sensors and actuators and be able to control actuators.

Pachube has been acquired by LogMeIn and has been renamed Xively. More information

My role: I worked as a Creative Technologist at Haque:Design+Research specifically on the development of Pachube, involved in the implementation of the front end of the platform and building experiments for the platform using microntrollers for (1) data sensing – temperature, light, energy, air quality (2) remove device switching and controls (3) data visualization