Happy Party

A playful mass participation experiment to mobilize people around the International Day of Happiness by asking people to express themselves dancing around the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams.

Happy Party is project done in collaboration with musician Pharrell Williams, the collaborative platform is a social experiment that invites people around und the world to express themselves through dance to celebrate the International Day of Happiness. By accessing the site people could create an animated GIF of their own dancing to the song in 4 frames, the images where then geotag their location. The entries were visualized in a world map demonstrating the movement around happiness spreading around the world crossing geographical, political and social boundaries.

The platform asked users to show in images what happiness represented to them – the diversity of entries represented how individuals independent from their nationality, social status reacted to the same prompt and helped build unique gallery that celebrates human expression. The project accepted entries for a total of 5 days and received over 30 thousand contributions from different countries around the world with over 2 million site views.

Global Happy Party Site
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