Publishing platform created for COLORS Magazine enabling writers, photographers and journalists around the world to contribute with their own stories for the print magazine.

COLORSLAB is the home for COLORS MAGAZINE. The platform is a laboratory of ideas where users can contribute with content to the magazine. Whenever a new issue begins, the theme is displayed online. Through the website, users can suggest and discuss topics, upload stories and photo sessions and participate on the creative and editorial process of the magazine. The best content is selected and then featured in the paper magazine. The end result is a Colors issue made online: brainstormed, suggested and edited by users all over the world.

The model was introduced in its first collaborative issue #76 Teenagers that had most of its stories sourced via users. In its following issues #77 The Sea and #78 Dance and #78 Superheroes the website has been used to collect content.

Created at FABRICA in 2009 in collaboration with Erik Ravelo, Barbara Soalheiro, Andy Cameron, Bejnamin Joffe Walt, Pau Casals, Paolo Eramo and the COLORS team.